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Provide Medical Attention to Disaster Victims


Needed wether it
is medical or psychological. Our mission at Charitico is
to help provide the much needed medical attention for
the disaster victims. In the recent days we all witness
the horrific events that took place in Haiti and China.
Thousands and thousands of people were left stranded and
in need of food, shelter and medical attention with
nowhere to go and no one to help them.

Charitico is aimed
at medical care needs resulting from catastrophic
earthquakes, which may cause thousands of deaths and
injuries. Charitico provides for the disaster victims
the medical attention they need and deserve.

Weather incidents,
technological disasters, and common mass casualty
incidents cause much less mortality and morbidity.
Catastrophic disasters overwhelm the local medical care
system. Supplemental care is provided by disaster relief
forces (Charitico); this care should be adapted to
prevalent types of injuries. Most care should be
provided at the disaster scene through supplemental
medical facilities, while some can be provided by
evacuating patients to distant hospitals. Medical
response teams capable of stabilizing, sorting, and
holding victims should staff supplemental medical

The Charitico
program includes hospital facilities, evacuation assets,
and medical response teams. The structure and
capabilities of these elements are determined by the
medical care needs of the catastrophic disaster
situation. At Charitico, We have doctors that will
attend the devastation areas and provide the much needed
help. We also send medical supplies to different
organizations, our partners that have setup camp at the
devastation sites. With the help of GOD and you we may
accomplish this mission and help our brothers and
sisters in these geographical regions.




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