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Help Provide Medical Attention
to the Uninsured and

According to the Census Bureau in 2007 nearly 37 million
of the uninsured were employment-age adults (ages 18 to
64) and more than 27 million worked at least part time.
Approximately 61% of the roughly 45 million uninsured
live in households with incomes under $50,000 (13.5
million below $25,000 and 14.5 million at $25,000 to
$49,000).And 38% live in households with incomes of
$50,000 or more (8.5 million at $50,000 to $74,999 and
9.1 million at $75,000 or more). As stated by the Census
Bureau, people of Hispanic origin were the most affected
by being uninsured; nearly a third of Hispanics lack
health insurance. In 2004, about 33% of Latinos were
uninsured as opposed to 10% of white, non-Latinos
However, this rate decreased slightly from 2006 to 2007,
from 15.3 to 14.8 million, a decrease of 2 percentage
points (34.1% to 32.1%). Inequality “is structured into
the health care system in pervasive and sometimes
invisible ways…Indeed, the combined power of race and
class stereotypes perpetuates social inequalities”
(Becker 2004:260). The health care system in the United
States endorses race and class discrimination.

The state with the highest
percentage of uninsured was Texas (24.1% average for
three years, 2004–2006). New Mexico has the second
highest percentage of residents without health insurance
at 22%.

According to the Census
Bureau, in 2007, there were 8.1 million uninsured
children in the US. Nearly 8 million young adults (those
aged 18–24), were uninsured, representing 28.1% of their
population. Young adults make up the largest age segment
of the uninsured, are the most likely to be uninsured,
and are one of the fastest growing segments of the
uninsured population. They often lose coverage under
their parents’ health insurance policies or public
programs when they reach age 19. Others lose coverage
when they graduate from college. Many young adults do
not have the kind of stable employment that would
provide ongoing access to health insurance.

Here at Charitico,
we realize much cannot be done about the uninsured
problem going on in our country today. Politics and
greed has much to do with this immense issue of
uninsured Americans. So instead of talking about this
issue like so many others do, we have decided to provide
FREE health care for the uninsured Americans; who are
unable to afford health insurance, through our network
of doctors who have joined our cause. Charitico provides
free medical, dental and psychological services to the
uninsured and underprivileged at no cost to the
patients. All service fees are covered by Charitico from
your kind donations. We have decided that it is of no
use to keep talking about this issue but rather we have
taken proactive measures by contributing our services to
the need of the uninsured and underserved American.

May GOD bless you!!

Thank you for your kind



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