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Bring Back Smiles

The focus of our current project called “Bring Back Smiles” is to provide dental services for patients ages 21 and over. Other organizations such as First five and Dentical provide resources for patient population between the ages of 0-21. These organizations have been successful in providing dental care for children to young adults at no cost to the patient. The problem here is the years that follow. The reality is that the patient cannot afford continuing dental care. Studies have shown that the most rampant caries takes place in a person’s young adulthood life. Therefore, “Bring Back Smiles” is enthusiastic in providing these individuals the opportunity to continue care for their oral health. Here at Charitico, we are providing these services in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino County via our network of doctors who have dedicated their time and expertise to our cause. As the need increases, the accesses for such services in the rural areas in the said counties are reduced. Our goal for the said project is to help as much people, who are in need for such care, as possible. With your help and other members
of our community, we can help our brothers and sisters. May GOD bless us all!