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Our Programs

Provide Medical and Dental services for the uninsured and the underprivileged

“Today, 45.7 million Americans lack adequate medical
care as a result of the economic recession and high unemployment rates plaguing
the U.S.A. every 24 minutes, someone in America dies because they were

The two recessions that Americans have weathered in the first decade of the 21st century have taken a tremendous toll on people’s ability to afford health insurance and its America’s middle class that has been hardest hit.

Help Disaster Victims
in America and Around the World

“The greater the loss, the greater the stress and
the poorer the health.”

Many times when we hear about a disaster striking a certain geographical region we tend to not calculate the devastation it leaves behind as far as
human’s health is concerned. We observe its tragedy that is left behind but more often we do not take in count the shocking after math of medical attention.